Scroll position isn't saved when you switch between notes

Testing version: 2.0 (9969)

What were you doing: Make a note which takes 2 screen pages or more.

What feature did you use: Put cursor somewhere in the middle of the note. Switch to another note and then switch back.

What happened: Scroll position is at the top of the note.

What did you expect to happen: Scroll position should be preserved from the last time.

I’ve found only two similar reports about that issue:
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So, in my understanding, that’s by design, not a bug?
It makes a bit hard to work on big notes because you often have to look into something else and then it takes a lot of time to find the place you were previously in.

E.g. I’m reading the “welcome” note with description of all the new features, which is quite big. And I’m trying to test those features in new small notes. But every time I switch to a new note and then switch back to the “welcome” note, I need to find where I’ve stopped.

Is there some recommended workaround for that type of workflow? I’ve also noticed that when I exit Bear (with Cmd+Q) and then open it back, the scroll position is preserved, so seems like part of the functionality is already implemented. (Btw, Apple Notes does preserve the scroll position just fine.)



What I do is open the second note in a new window, by double clicking on it in the Notes panel. Then I switch back and forth between windows (Command-`), without changing which note is selected in the main window. That’s an easier navigation anyway. HTH.

I think cursor position (and selection) are attributes of a window, not a document, so the current behavior seems right to me.



yes, we have not worked on this yet, but we will after the backlinks implementation.

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