iOS / iPadOS: Scroll Position Not Saved When Switching Between Notes / App

Testing version:
Bear 2.0 (10699)

What were you doing:
Copying and pasting between notes / app

What happened:
I’m in the middle of working on a note. I switched to another note / app to copy a piece of content, and when I switched back to the note I’m working on, it’s now back to the top of the note and I have to scroll down and look for the part I’m working on to paste the content I copied.

What did you expect to happen:
On the macOS, the scroll position is preserved from the last time so I assumed that this is the intended action which should be the case for iOS & iPadOS too.

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Also having this issue. While on macOS, the scroll position is preserved, it does not seem to happen on iOS. I would love if we can get this on iOS as well.