Scrolling to the Bottom of Notes?

Maybe it’s just me being out of my mind these days, but has the application always behaved this way, automatically moving to the bottom of the note itself when selected on the list panel?

If so, could it be possible to remember position within the note when returning to it?

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No, it affects me also. Most every note auto scrolls to the bottom when selecting it, at least on phone

It doesn’t do that on my device. (iPhone and iPad that is)
If i open a Note, it opens the spot where i left it.
If i kill the app and open a Note, it always starts at the top.

this happen to me on MacOS Sonoma

Bear should remember the note scroll position when the previously opened note is accessed again. Can you please tell me the Bear release you are running?

Latest version, Versione 2.2.0 (12697)

After restarting the application, the issue no longer occurred so far. I have not yet been able to reproduce it or understand under what conditions it happens.

I can specify that the repositioning did not occur as usual, that is, instantly to the last position (or bottom of note). Instead, when selecting the note from the list, it would scroll to the end before stopping.