Tapping footnote number in footnotes doesn't scroll all the way back to its use

Testing version: Panda 0.1 for iOS

What were you doing: Playing in the welcome note

What feature did you use: I scrolled down to the footnotes at the bottom of the page

What happened: Clicking one of the numbers in the footnotes section scrolled me back up to where the number was used in the note, but not completely; I had to scroll up another half page to see it

What did you expect to happen: It should scroll all the way back to the number in the body of the note.


I had the same thing happen. It’s almost like the fixed header at the top of the screen isn’t being accounted for and the text with the footnote is right behind it.

Came here to discuss the same thing.

Also wanted to add an additional note. When pressing the footnote and being taken to it, the note seems to scroll just enough to get to the note, which is not enough and obscures it. Would be better to have the footnote be centered on the screen or something. I have an screenshot of what it looks like when I go to the footnore

Same problem here. It’s not taking me to the actual point it should do and I’ve found it confusing!

Hello there,

yes, it seems that the scroll position is a bit wonky at the moment, we’re going to fix that asap!

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


I’m having the scrolling problem with footnotes as well. I assume it just hasn’t been fixed yet. But just in case, I figured I’d chime in to say I’m still having the problem. Thanks for all the great work on Bear and the new editor! Very excited about it.

Welcome, do you mind sending it here or to me in private a document that presents the scrolling problem? Might be useful to know if you are experiencing this on macOS, iOS, or both.

Footnote not returning me to point of reference.

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January 2023 the issue still there. :wink: