Footnote went to numbered list instead of footnote

Testing version: 0.1 (1571)

What were you doing: reading the welcome note

What feature did you use: tapped on 1 to go to the corresponding footnote, and then 2 to do ditto

What happened: it appeared to take me to a numbered list and not to the footnotes. Either that or it’s taken me ‘to’ the footnotes by having them at the bottom of the screen not the top.

What did you expect to happen: when I pressed 1, to be taken directly to footnote no 1 - for this to be the top line on the screen. Ditto 2. This shouldn’t be dependent on adding dead space at the bottom.

The screenshots show the area with the footnotes, and where I got taken when I pressed 1 and 2

Hi there,

thank you for reporting this, we’ve already fixed the footnote scrolling and the fix will be available in the next update.