Footnotes behave oddly when no empty newline before

Testing version:
IPadOS 2.0.5

What were you doing:
Entering footnotes on text directly above the footnote

What feature did you use:

What happened:
If the footnotes existing were 1-5, then when entering a new footnote (6) above the footnote block directly, all footnotes change their numbering to follow on from 6 (I think it’s getting mixed in with “existing number lists” or something similar)

What did you expect to happen:
Footnotes continue to number as per normal

Demo Video

While not ideal, this is expected behavior. Footnote definitions mimics the syntax of reference link definitions from the CommonMark standard, and they are not allowed to interrupt a paragraph. So it you have a paragraph above, you need at least one blank line in between before the definitions start.

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