Indenting Footnotes and shortcut reference link breaks links

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9916)

What were you doing: Indenditing Footnotes and “shortcut reference links” removes part of their definition

What feature did you use:
Footnotes, shortcut reference links and Indentation

What happened:
The [^ part of the footnote and the first [ of the link have been deleted.

What did you expect to happen: That the indentation would not change the line
Note that I do not know if footnotes should be indentable, to begin with


# Test Links

Footnote [^1], [named link]

### Step 1

[^1]: this works
[named link]:

### Step 2: Use List Shortcut references

* 1]: this works
* named link]:


no, footnotes can’t be indented but I don’t understand how you got Step 2.
Can you please make a quick video?

Nevermind, I understood how to reproduce the issue.

Sorry I meant to say “use bullet lists” and not “indent”

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