Footnote and reference not linked

Testing version: macOS, Bear 2 beta (build 10688)

What were you doing: Navigating from an inline reference to a supposedly linked footnote.

What feature did you use: footnote

What happened: A new footnote gets added automatically. (But even that isn’t actually linked: clicking the inline reference will, again and again, insert a new footnote.

What did you expect to happen: Inline reference and footnote should be linked.

Reproducible examples

This bug only happens when the reference starts with an upper-case letter. For example, the following works perfectly fine

This is an inline reference[^note].

[^note]: And it works fine. 

but the following pair is not linked

This is an inline reference[^Note], and the only difference
is `N` vs `n`.

[^Note]: Not linked anymore. 

Hello there,

thank you for the feedback! We’ve fixed the bug in the internal version and the issue should be solved in the next version update :slight_smile:


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