Sorting & footnotes

Thanks for the chance to try the Beta, it’s very exciting and looks great!

I’ve only had a little play around so far but here are two things that I found strange (not sure if they’re intended or not).

  1. Footnotes. If I delete the ref no for a footnote from the body of the note, the footnote remains - but becomes a ‘dead link’. Maybe there’s no way around this but in a doc with lots of footnotes it could be hard to keep track.

  2. Sorting the notes list by title. For some reason I can’t work out, a few random notes show up before the A-Z list (and after my pinned notes) and are greyed out - I don’t know what that even means? Or why they aren’t captured by the sort order?


Oh forget that second point. I just realised that they all had a blank line before the title. Now fixed

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I think we’ll mitigate this issue with the automatic renaming and resorting of the footnotes. However, dead footnotes will still happen because I don’t think deleting the footnote reference when nothing in the body points at it it’s the desired result.