Delete footnote number should delete intent number

If I delete the footnote NUMBER (not text) it should remove in line text as well.

Request for additional feature to order footnotes in text and at the bottom in ascending order

I’m not convinced this is what everybody expects when deleting a footnote reference. Do you mind explaining why you expect this?

Yes, we are moving in this direction.


Hi Trix, I just went to see if deletion of footnote number was a common thing amongst other editors and I realise that you are absolutely right - the number in line is not removed. I am also not sure why I expected it to happen, but upon deeper thinking I realise how having such a feature might be counterproductive

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Removing the footnote when the intent is deleted is the right way to do it.

Not in the other way.

I feel there shouldn’t be any option to delete footnote without deleting the intent. (This is how it works in other editors I use).

This will avoid Unintentional deleting of footnote.