Footnote name won't update

Testing version: Panda 1.0 macOS (1563)

What were you doing: I deleted the number inside the footnote and changed the name of the footnote.

What feature did you use: “Editing the label of a footnote will also change its label everywhere else in the note”

What happened: The number deleted from the corresponding inline footnote (expected), however after this the new name I entered didn’t update.

What did you expect to happen: I expected the number to delete and the name change to update in the corresponding inline footnote.

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Hi there,

this is a bit tricky as deleting the last character of the label makes the footnote invalid :thinking:

I don’t have a quick solution for this, I’ll bring this up with the team and we’ll see if we can do something for it.


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Thank you for the response.

Perhaps I did something different, but it looked like you did the same thing with your previous release note, in which you deleted the last character and the corresponding footnote still updated. Did I do something different?

You’re right, something changed in our parsing code, before we were recognizing empty footnotes and now we’re not.

I’m going to double check why is that and we’ll fix it :slight_smile: