Number of footnote doesn’t change while position of text changes

Hi , I am note sure if it is a bug or just not the feature . When adding a footnote between text a[^1] and text b[^2]. The number of footnote will automatically changes to a[^1] c[^2] c[^3] , but when exchanging the position of a . B and c the number of footnote remains the same. I think it is very important to make the number of footnote changes along with position of text.

I am trying to write a long overview of essays within bear and the issue above can be quite important in my opinion.

Take a look in the main menu → format → footnotes. There is a command to renumber the footnotes. However, i see no reason for not doing that task automatically while rearranging

we don’t want to change the footnote numbering when manual edits (no keystroke or menus) is done on the note because we assume people are aware of what is done and an automatic change in the note content might be unexpected. However, if you use the footnote menus or shortcuts or use the renumber footnotes functionality we do renumber them in sequence.

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Where can I find the renumber footnotes function in iPadOS?