Footnotes should Automatically Re-number

I am glad to see all of the new changes coming to Bear. I played with the footnotes a little bit and I have a suggestion.

When adding a footnote that comes in the text before other footnotes, the numbers should change themselves and re-order themselves in the list of footnotes. For example: if I already have a footnote 1, and I add a footnote before footnote 1 in the text, footnote 1 should become footnote 2 and the new one should be footnote 1.

That is the way it works in most word processors. Since Bear is venturing into the word-processing territory, it would be nice for it to work as well as word processors do.


I’m interested in Bear’s response, since footnotes can also be words and not just numbers.

For example, I can use [^bear] as a footnote reference.

A special symbol within the notes would great which adjust the numbers automatically. For example the hashtag.

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Bear (Panda!) is awesome and I love its design. I waited soooooo long for the footnote function!

Please repair the autonumbering as this issue would disqualify Bear editor for me at the very beginning.

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