Footnotes auto collected

I’ve never used footnotes before in anything. I like this being added to Bear. I can see me using them now. One thing that would be nice is all footnotes were collected at the bottom of the document automatically. They would be dropped in place in the order they’re currently seen in the document above. Maybe a divider line is placed above it and footnotes below.


Footnotes will be collected at the end in many export format, but not inside the editor.

There are two types of footnotes:

  1. Inline footnotes
  2. Reference footnotes

If you want your footnotes to be visible at the end of the document you can use the “reference” format and put the definition where you want.

This is a link with some examples:


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Are there plans for Bear to have the ability to choose either and inline or reference footnote?

Ok. But if that’s the case, I probably won’t use Footnotes in Bear. It masks text I feel showed be shown. If I want to quickly see footnotes across my document, there’s no way to do that while editing—typically, I could Control+Down Arrow and quickly jump to the footer. Instead, we have to click each individual one. But why would someone want to see all at once? Well, I want my text editor to be a simple tool for writing but that exposes everything I write…but yet do it in a sophisticated, polished way which Bear has been up to this point. And Bear, like many editors, add just enough features that enhance the Markdown writing experience.

If as you say, we decide to your Reference footnotes, then it seems like we loose Bear’s assistive features.