Feedback on Footnotes & Images


I love so many things about this update! Here are just a couple of initial thoughts:

  • For footnotes, it would be really cool to have footnotes appear at the bottom of the document or section (like footnotes in an article), and auto-numbering, rather than having to rely solely on the UI to convey the footnote.
  • I would really like to see image embedding based on the markdown syntax. I’m not sure how you’d implement it for attached files or images (maybe a drawer for an attachment library for each note), but being able to use ![alt](image-link) would be great. I’d like to be able to embed GIFs that are hosted, like from giphy (see the example at the top).

That’s all I have for now. Great work! I’m really excited to see these in the new version. :+1:

Edit: I saw my footnote comment addressed on another post.

Hello there,

this is something we keep discussing, it has a lot of pros and cons and we’re really indecise on what to do. I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for this, but eventually we’ll figure it out :smiley:

Here’s another vote for auto-numbering and the ability of the footnotes to update if we go back and add an earlier footnote during editing.