The annoyance with footnotes in its current implementation

Hello all there!

If i remember correctly in earlier versions of panda footnotes were implemented as a popup, where the content of the footnote was written and read by clicking the superscripted number. That solution seemed to be more reasonable than the new one.

Now, similar to tags also the footnotes (written in the text) are dragged around at writing and therefore are distracting. Furthermore (when you have written an longer note) the reading of a footnote requires the jumping to the end of the text. Surely the place of a footnote in an exported document (pdf, word, …) is the end of a page or a chapter or the whole document (some export options :wink: ) but inside of panda itself what speaks up against pop ups?

(by the way: somewhere here it was mentioned that panda doesn’t renumber the footnotes by its appearance, f.e. i can replace a line with footnote number 1 after a line with footnote with number 2, but the order will not be refreshed. that problem, would not appear at all, since numbers for footnotes will be given just on export)

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll pass it onto the designer and the development team to have a think about when moving forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear developers,
I can see that the problem with footnotes not reordering has already been mentioned a couple of times.
I just wanted to add I find it strange that body text can be added after a footnote; this must be another instance where the different paradigms (word processor’s pages vs writing app’s writing space) seem to conflict with each other…
(I thought this would be changed on exporting, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.)
I’m divided here: I like being able to see a footnote’s content (not in a popup), and jumping from the note number to the text, and back again, is very convenient; but their position in mid page is clearly illogical.
Thank you and best regards.


It is not that i would not like that, it just seemed to me that popups would be the most simple solution for both, for the illogical position of footnotes and the missing reordering of them.

Once panda is implemented into bear i fear a bad experience where it is even not possible anymore to prevent reordering of text elements. Footnotes are always added to the end but tags as well, f.e. when you drop a note onto a tag. That means if you alternately adds tags and footnotes to the note they will be teared apart. There is no way to avoid that. And to top it all off you also have footnotes not being reordered. In summary that is not a good user experience.

Let’s hope that something will be done about that! :wink: