Footnotes as popups

You can ask many things here but think twice before you ask a bear developer for an option. They don’t like them and give their best to reduce them as much as possible. I thought more than two times and want to advocate for the option to show footnotes as popups how ulysses do it and how even panda did it in the first versions. I mentioned it somewhere here in the forum already in another context and want to give that wish an own thread.

Don’t get me wrong, i like and i need footnotes at the end of a document or a page. But i mean exported documents, docs, pdfs and so on. Inside of bear i highly would prefer these popups to prevent jumping around from text to bottom and again back to text. It is easy reachable and editable withot all the annoyance of footnotets placed at the bottom.

While writing these post it went through my mind that actually the real problem of a toggle option is that all notes with footnotes have to be (re)written with every switch? I think that means almost zero chance for such an option

What I would like is for a preview of the link target to appear when hovering over links with the mouse: be it a footnote or a wikilink. I would still like to see footnotes’ text wherever I put it in the document.

My thought is now: If you already have a preview to prevent travelling through the note why not writing or editing the footnote in the same place where you can preview it? Actually it seems - at least for me - to be thje most friendly implementation of footnotes. In exported or pürinted documents however footnotes should be placed how their names says: at the foot of the document