Separate button for renumbering footnotes

I like to manually write the syntax for each footnote as I type. However, when I insert a new footnote between existing footnotes, the numbering gets out of order. To fix this on iOS, I have to navigate to the end of what I’m writing, open the menu, choose the auto-create and renumbering footnotes button, and then delete the newly created footnote.

To make this more convenient, I suggest splitting this single button’s functionality into two separate buttons—one for auto-creating footnotes and another for renumbering.

Thanks for reporting, this is something we should improve.

The question is: why would someone want at all to have footnotes NOT numbered in order of appearance but in order of creation? I think some of the devs said the current behaviour would match the expectations but i am not sure that that’s the case.

Yes, we are indeed considering having the footnotes be renumbered automatically, and that might indeed be the solution to the above problem. But it is not trivial to get right, especially during editing of labels. Automation is nice if it does exactly what you want, but a hassle if it doesn’t, or fails at some times.

We have already improved the code to renumber footnotes (not yet released), and with that it would be more feasible to have it running automatically on edits. Is that something you would like to see?

Yes, automatic renumbering would be the best solution in my eyes