Footnote formatting issue

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9803)

What were you doing: Inserting a footnote link

What feature did you use: Footnotes

What happened: Footnote reference number is formatted the same as the footnote, if it’s in a line right after text or another link.

What did you expect to happen: If a footnote reference is placed at the beginning of the line it should always have the correct formatting

Reference Images

Incorrect formatting:

Expected formatting:


unfortunately, footnotes definitions requires an empty line before to work.


I didn’t know that, I thought this was a bug.

But I did find a bug, if I type in a letter, the footnote style changes, only for the number of footnotes, which number of characters I typed.
For example, I have 3 footnotes, if I type 2 characters in the empty line above them, the style of the first 2 changes.
Apart from a typed character, a delete is also counted, so 2 typed character + 1 delete, will change the style of 3 footnotes:

The style only changes back if I clear that line again.

Oh yes, that’s a small glitch.

Thanks for the bug report.

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I’d like to report a different footnote formatting issue. The footnote appears as a superscript as expected in the editor view. However, in the notes view, as you see in my screenshot, the footnote is formatting as equivalent to the other text whereas I’d expect a superscript here as well.

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