Idea about the footnotes UI?

Hi everyone,

I would like to propose a UI modification regarding how footnotes are displayed in the document, as the current superscript format can “break” the text layout. Would it be possible to display them in a bubble (as shown in the example)?

This would also be more visually appealing.
Thank you

NB : The contrast is not good in the example, it is just an idea.

Actually :

What could be cool to be done :

What do you mean with “breaking layout”? Generally the superscript position is the place where a footnote is expected

What I mean is that the superscript break the line-height (as you can see in the picture above). I like to have text very collapsed and the superscript numbers increase the line-height where there are, I don’t like it :slight_smile:

But the lines are really close together. I would get claustrophobic. But I know what you mean now and also wouldn’t like it :wink: But I would increase the line hight :stuck_out_tongue: The minimal line height in my case is 1.6 em. Maybe the devs can address this issue and lower the minimal height to prevent the “breaking”. Smaller footnotes text maybe?