Footnotes and Top Screen Margin

Testing version: 0.1

What were you doing: Clicking the number on the footnote at the bottom of the page, to g back where this footnote was created

What feature did you use: Footnote link

What happened: it goes to the footnote but the line is not visible, it stays blocked by the floating note title docked at the top of the window.

What did you expect to happen: maybe include the margin and bring the footnote sign to the visible area?

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And, if the footnoted text is folded, nothing seems to happen. Would expect to be taken to the line containing the folded (footnoted) line.

Hello @feramorz,

I’m not able to reproduce the issue; may I ask you

  • what device are you using Panda on?
  • what is your version of iOS?
  • would it be possible to ask you for a note where this issue happens?

@2by2 thank you; I’m adding this to our issue list!

Attached noteTest (659 Bytes)

Not sure note was attached to Bear Beta forum so ha e also attached here

Stuart Walker
Victoria BC :canada:

Test (659 Bytes)

Thank you @2by2 for the additional information. We will handle that issue ASAP.

@feramorz I’m looking forward to hear from you with a reliable way to reproduce the issue.

Thank you!


Panda version: 0.1 (1571)
IOS version: 14.3
Note I’m using: the welcome to panda note

I can record the screen if you’d like, but not sure if I can upload it here.

@feramorz please use this email to send the recording:

Thank you so much for your help! :relaxed:

Just sent you the email!

I’m a big fan of Bear and I heavily take notes on it. I personally think you guys are doing a spectacular job with the app, and can’t wait to see Panda in action! Happy to help.