Remembering cursor position?

In Bear 1.0 the cursor position in a note is not remembered. It would be great if it was, so that when you came back to a note, you would immediately be wherever you left off.

It doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it does make a difference, and it’s the kind of tiny, thoughtful UI detail that Bear is so good at.


Placing the cursor inside the note editor on iOS results in the keyboard popping up each time you select a note. I guess this kind of makes sense for macOS but there are more subtle consequences here as well. Have you seen this cursor position behavior in some other app I can test?

Hrm, great question. The archetypal app that does it is Textedit. If I keep a bunch of notes in it open, it remembers cursor position when you click on that note. But the position is lost if the note is closed.

Scrivener on MacOS sort of does it. It remembers where you last placed the cursor, and when you click on a note, it centers on screen that line in the note. But it doesn’t actually show you precisely where the cursor was, and it doesn’t actually instantiate the cursor. You have to click into the note wherever you want.

Looks like Bear 1.0 remembers last-scrolled-to position, correct? At least as long as the app is open… if it’s closed and reopens, I notice it resets. Scrivener remembers even if the app is closed and reopened.

Yes, this is currently not implemented in Bear 2 but will be and will work also when the app is closed.


Tried on iPadOS and indeed still not implemented.