Feature Request: Slash Commands

Hey there,

Would it be possible to introduce Slash Commands in the new editor such as typing /table and getting a table rather than using the keyboard shortcuts?

This is their answer, and I personally won’t like it either. It is easy enough to get all the features via shortcut/ clicking/ typing them and it would make the writing experience whole lot messier with this feature.


Personally, I use Notion extensively. One thing that I don’t like about it is that it is slow, and I often find myself switching to Bear for quickly adding notes and taking input. Especially on the mobile. I think there is an opportunity here for the Bear app to add additional features that are already common UI/UX patterns in many other apps that power users are already familiar with.

Clicking around is not an option for me; I prefer to use the keyboard to perform such common operations, and right now, I have to learn all these new shortcuts to add a new table. Furthermore, adding such functionality doesn’t mean keyboard shortcuts/styles bar should be excluded from the app. I think these features can co-exist :slight_smile:

but I wonder, what other functions would you use with the slash command?
Bear does not have any rich editing option like colour change or alignment change or text size change, and most of the rest is much faster using the shortcut or clicking the icon. Especially since the others are mostly the common ones such as command+BIU or command+number for header change. (or quoted text is faster with > and codes are written faster with ``) And then most of them (e.g. highlighting, BIU, strikethrough) are not the ones that normally show up with slash command but rather highlighting the text.

Now, we have table, todo, footnote, and insert file left, and maybe mathjax shortcut later on. Do we need extra UI for just that 4/5 features, that can be easily done via other methods as well.