Is the Bear Markdown Shortcut menu coming back to Bear 2?

Is this Markdown Shortcut menu coming back at some point in Bear 2? It’s such a great reference help for those of us who don’t use Markdown regularly.

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i definetely like more that menu than the style bar which may be a nice idea but somehow is also unpopular.

I would suggest that the devs make a poll just to see what the user would prefer and make a conclusion out of the result

At the moment we don’t have plans for bringing back that panel. If you are interested in just shortcuts your can have a look at the Format menu.

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Is there a way to replicate seeing the Format menu on macOS on iPadOS?

It’s not exactly the same but If you hold ⌘ on the iPad keyboard you get a list of all the app shortcuts available.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the MD syntax:

@trix180 I just wanted to add one more reply… Could the team consider adding the B1 shortcut menu back? I just checked, and the neither of the menus that show the keyboard shortcut keys, show the actual Markdown syntax along with the keyboard shortcut like the B1 menu did. Thanks!

So far the panel doesn’t seem to be missed by many and I’d prefer not having it (or not the Bear 1 form).
I think B1 style panel made sense because of Polarmark and the possibility of switching syntax. B2 cmark syntax references can be found everywhere online, and the panel no longer feels necessary.


Understood, thank you.