I love bears BIU pop up menu / option for new editor

I love bears BIU pop up for good reason:

  • It shows ALL formatting

  • It shows markdown syntax and hotkeys

  • It is not distracting as it disappears after usage

Can it be an option in bear to decide if you want old behaviour or new one (formatting bar at the end of note)


I agree. Having a cheat sheet is a must for new users. Especially a cheat sheet that can be broken off and pinned somewhere else. Bear was my first Markdown notes app and if that cheat sheet wasn’t close at hand I would have deleted the app off my computer after a few hours.

Yeah this was a perfect multi-purpose piece of UI.

How do I learn the syntax in B2, with trial and error? Googling Markdown cheat sheet and hope Bear’s works the same?

Idk but it just feels like there’s no two Markdown editors with 100% identical syntax.

CheatSheet works well too.