Missing functions on the Mac

I like the tidy design, the speed. I am (so far) happy to have switched from EN to Bear.
After working with Bear for a few days now, I have the following comments for the Mac client:
Context menu:

  • missing Formatting (incl. color) (not only the small floating bar on the button)

Note property/ (i)-Icon:

  • Add some space for the tags
    Or add optional sidebar with format, properties and information (like Excel or iWork apps)

Make column widths changeable and formatable

Crop and rotate images

Bear is based on Markdown, any most of what you’re asking is not possible in it, so very likely will never come to Bear (Colors, table width and so on). If you need rich text editing, you need an app which does rich text. Bear values instead the simplicity and data portability that comes with having the (somewhat standard) Markdown markup language.

As for tags with spaces, it is possible by adding another hash at the end #in this manner#.


On the one hand you like the clean and tidy UI, on the other hand you want it to be cluttered with format options.
Don’t want to advocate other apps here, but i think there are other options for your needs.
Otherwise just try Bear, i think you will adapt fast.

  1. As for “Formatting functions” in context menu - in which aspect they are different than floating formatting bar at the bottom? Function is the same IMO, but less cluttered. Anyway, best practice is to learn formatting keyboard shortcuts quickly (or you can change shortcuts in System Setting if you prefer it to have better system)
  2. Space for tags in Note property - I believe majority of users have tags in very beginning or very end of the note. Only minority has tags spreading along whole note (inline tags etc). So I do not believe there would be so much use/popularity for such solution.
  3. Column width etc - not possible in markdown normal standard
  4. Crop and rotate image - might be useful but I personally have never needed it (If I need crop sometimes, I just do it using screenshot function and paste, if I would need to rotate it, I would open it in Preview, rotate and insert back to Bear.)

@daneb1 Thank you very much for your detailed answer. That was very good advice.

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