Really like the Bear shortcuts for date and hyperlinks

I’ve used a lot of note-taking apps on macOS and recently went through several of the popular markdown-focused ones but couldn’t find one I liked, so revisited Bear and glad I gave it a serious shot. (It’s not that I care so much about MD per-se, mainly trying to avoid being stranded on a proprietary island if I need to move out.)

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the user experience that went into Bear. I really appreciate that I could find a way to put a quick date stamp in my note with a hotkey - without complex templates or pallette commands etc. that many editors seem to require. Integrating with the native macOS keyboard shortcuts is very powerful - I could use the shortcut of my liking with the date stamp I wanted, no problem.

Secondly, I really like the way that a URL on the clipboard will automatically become a hyperlink when I paste onto selected text. Bam!

Keep it up!