Panda / Bear Feature request: support "canceled" status for todo items

Many other apps support a critical 3rd status for todo items besides “incomplete” and “done”: “cancelled/dropped”

This is commonly rendered in Markdown with a - in the todo box: - [-] Item.

I miss the ability to do this in Bear, and wish it grew this functionality.

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Thank you for the feature suggestion.

Although implementation of this can’t be guaranteed, i’ll still pass it onto our designer and the development team to consider when moving forward.

I was needing this today so I wanna +1 this. Would love to have a way to cancel a task/todo.

I know that Bear used to have completed todos form a strikethrough, and they removed that which I think it looks great now with a completed task being dimmed.

I wanted to add that for cancelled tasks only (should the feature be added) the strikethrough should make a return and also be dimmed.


Is this part of the CommonMark Standard? If so I would love love LOVE to have them as well.

Wouldn‘t a workaround be to strike out the task without checking the checkbox?

That’s what I ended up doing. The only issue is that you still have an incomplete checkbox which can be confusing. Or you have a checkbox that’s checked but with strikethrough and can be mistaken as a task that was completed. I opted for the latter as it dims out the text.

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Ah OK, i see. I am not a specialist in markdown standards but as far as i know all markdown languages just support two states. Though the op say something different

Another idea/workaround: Highlighting the the checked but cancelled task or moving it to another section manually? Or adding a special icon :x: to it?

I know how frustrating it can be to hear that something would be easily possible but is forbidden by a standard :wink:

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Maybe turn the checkbox into a list item and add a strikethrough? That’s my workaround because I use the @todo search filter often. It’s easy to switch between checkbox and list with ⌘ + T and ⌘ + L.

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That’s a pretty decent workaround! Thanks for sharing!