Checklist boxes/strikethrough

Hi team!

First off - I have loved all of the updated functionality in Bear. It still looks and runs fast, and I am so glad to be able to use it as my main driver.

I do have a question/request related to the checkboxes: can we get them back to what they looked like in 1.0? In 2.0, there is a large space between the box and the first letter.

Here’s 1.0:


Here’s 2.0:

The other big change: the strikethrough is gone! I know I can add it via Markdown, but I loved the strikethrough automatically applying in 1.0. A little thing, I know, but that’s what made Bear stand out above the other notes app - the little details like that.

Thank you!


I completely agree. Now that you’ve shown this, I can’t unsee it! @trix180, is this something you would consider for version 2.1?


Sorry about that, @danmills7 ! :rofl: I’m hoping it’s an option!

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+1 on the strikethrough

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+1 agree now I’ve seen it I can unsee it. Bear 1.0 is tidier / cleaner.


I prefer the strikethrough as an option. I feel better if no format change is applied to text when checking the box.

Sorry, I don‘t want to act as a grinch, but does it really matter how it looks like as long as the new visual presentation doesn‘t have some negative side effects on user experience? Actually it is just a matter of taste, isn‘t it?

I use checkboxes for heaps of things that don’t involve crossing things off a list; keeping track of collections, various checklists, etc. In fact, all my todos live outside Bear. I much prefer the new design without the automatic strikethrough.


Hello folks,

we removed the strikethrough for a bunch of reasons:

  • strikethrough makes it difficult to read completed checkboxes
  • it was making the accessibility of the app a lot worse
  • we got a lot of requests from our users (see the first point as the main reason)

We don’t plan to bring it back (even as an option).



I think there should at least be a way (on iOS) to be able to send checked lists to the bottom of the note.


Agreed. being able to read the completed todo is much better. yes, it takes a little adjustment if you are used to looking for the strikethrough but imo it is more effective and cleaner to look at. I often want to check things off but still be able to read them. Example putting questions as a todo.

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Just started using Bear 2 yesterday and I’m very unhappy with this change. The visual distinction between a done and not-done task is super subtle now. It looks ok on some dark themes, but on the light themes I’m using (“Solarized Light” and “Gandalf”) the visual feedback is not enough IMO.

In case we are not getting an option to turn strikethrough back on, could the themes at least be adjusted a bit to make the distinction less subtle?

For now I’m just manually tweaking the .theme files (the editor / text light color section) to make this a bit more obvious.

Orignal Gandalf:
Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 13.48.27

Modified Gandalf:
Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 14.05.33


It seems like a theme-specific issue. I toggled between different themes and noticed varying degrees of colour change for different themes. Text in some themes are more distinct that others, but all of them have very obvious fade in the checked box. That is probably enough visual cue without making the text colours too light for those with poor eyesight?