Todo list experience is worse than in Bear 1

In Bear 1, making checkbox todo lists was very easy and straightforward. You could just type dash and space and it will make a todo item with a checkbox.

Now you need to press CMD+T. Maybe you could support the dash and two square brackets syntax? “-” and “-”.

Also cutting and pasting a line from a todo lists removes the checkbox when you paste it back.


Not sure if I read that correctly but, for me, the experience is exactly the same - type a dash followed by open and close square brackets get’s me a todo list item.

It’s also similar in this interface, you can just exclude the dash and type open and close square brackets ()

I made a quick video including a cut/paste loosing the checkbox formatting

Basically, if you type “dash space bracket space bracket” it works, but if you do “dash bracket bracket” it doesn’t work. Also you get the bullet formatting as an intermediate state which is a bit annoying.

IMHO it both “dash bracket bracket space TEXT” or even “bracket bracket space TEXT” should give you the checklist behavior. The dash seem unnecessary.

And the cut/copy/paste issue stays.


I would love to see the - brought back as well.

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Doesn’t work for me. I would like to be able to just type an open and close square bracket followed by a space to get a checklist item

This is exec what I’m seeing. Good find.