Shortcut for checkbox

Hey folks,

Is the shortcut - [ ] dropped from Bear version 2?

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Shortcut for todo check box: ⌘T (command + T)

To toggle check/uncheck: ⌘. (command + period)

But what is the Markdown code for the check box?

  • unchecked = dash space [ space ] space
  • checked = dash space [ x ] space

Note! Temporarily becomes bullet point while you type this markdown code, but after typing the last space, it changes into an interactive checkbox.


- [ ] unchecked
- [x] checked 

Thank you! I wish Commonmark’s website would have simple documentation like that for all markdown features. They do for some, but not all.


Previous Bear 1 behavior to type - unchecked was convenient to create todo items across iOS & Mac.

Is restoring the previous behavior under consideration?

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I don’t know that todo’s are actually in the spec:

If they are, I couldn’t find them


Totally agree that - unchecked was the pinnacle of usability for checkboxes

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Todos are not in the original CommonMark spec, they are a Github extension which most editors adopted as part of the CommonMark standard.