`* [ ]` not always turned into a checkbox

Testing version: Version 1.0 (469)

* [ ] does not reliably turn into a checkbox. Sometimes it does but usually it doesn’t and it’s hard for me to determine the conditions under which it works and doesn’t work.

(Also as a feature request, it would be great if [] could become a checkbox as well. It’s much easier to type and standard in Dropbox Paper and Github)

Hello there,

the correct syntax for checkboxes is:

- [ ] or - [x]

The one you’re trying to use shouldn’t work at all, if it does please send us an example, because it would be a bug :slight_smile:


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Thanks Matteo, you’re right. I was getting confused.

That said, I think I was getting confused because syntax is complicated. I still think Dropbox’s and Github’s [] syntax would feel a lot more natural.

Anyway, appreciate the response.


Hi again,

the syntax is the one Github is using, we’re using CommonMark + Github Flavor to keep our Markdown as standard as possible -> Github Task list

Dropbox is not using a standard syntax and that’s something we’d like to avoid.


Ah, you’re right about Github.

Found this thread and wanted to follow-up. I was used to * [ ] rendering a checkbox on GitHub and have been caught off-guard on this not working with Bear. It seems GitHub allows either - [ ] or * [ ]. This feels like expected behavior given the analog of *foo* / _foo_ and **foo** / __foo__. I wonder if it might be possible to add support either in the current major version or maybe in 2.0 (the panda editor).

Also given the analog of supporting both - foo and * foo for bulleted lists.