Checkbox in Table Cell?

The beta does not support displaying a checkbox in a table cell, currently it just shows up as plaintext -

Was wondering if you plan on supporting this feature?

We can’t support markdown checkboxes inside a table without breaking cmark rules. Eventually, we can figure out an alternate syntax that doesn’t break the rules but this has the downside that will only be supported in Bear/Panda.

I agree. One of the reasons for switching back to Bear is staying with “standard” data formats. I have been in the computer industry for 28 years and though the years, for one reason or other, I have had to move data to a different platform and having it in a more or less proprietary format I have pretty much had to copy/paste each time thus losing much data.

While it sometimes limits features (like above) it will outweigh those benefits. This is often a very overlooked issue that people should be concerned about. I have had to re-learn this lesson more than once because of chasing those shiny features.

My hats off to the Bear group for maintaining a standard like this.


respect the decision! will figure out a workaround.