TODOs markdown?

Are todos no longer able to be directly typed in?

And perhaps I missed it but is there a loose spec around the supported Bear MD and extensions? Beyond just commonmark I mean. Both the legacy feature set and beta extensions seem to be slightly askew with CM and Github MD.

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I really like the new editor but have no idea how to directly type a todo anymore as + and - are now for lists. I know it’s only a shortcut away (CMT T) but it’s a fraction more friction that makes it a bit more annoying. How do I now type a todo, or can we have - + back (at the expense of common mark syntax…).

In Notion you type [] or [x] which can also be great. I love bear’s flexibility to type, and see, all formatting.

Hi folks,

you can type TODOs by hand using this syntax:

- [ ] something to do
- [X] something done

This is the standard syntax for CommonMark + Github :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @matteo. That was about what I expected given it is how it is done in GFM.

However, it does not appear to be working in Panda yet and I will disagree that it is part of the current 0.29 CommonMark spec. I do, however, look forward to its implementation :slight_smile:

That’s strange, I’ve just tried it and it should work properly (you can even copy/paste my example inside Panda to try).

Also it’s not CommonMark, but CommonMark + GFM ->

Thanks for the reply @matteo,

I just deleted the old file/zip and downloaded another one from the latest email just in case (doubt there was a difference though)…

So what I think is going on is that if you paste the whole sequence of - [x] it does indeed render correctly. However, the way that auto parse is currently working in Panda you can not type the equivalent without it being interpreted as bullet [x].

For cross reference the online editor at seems to be processing it correctly from both paste and keystrokes.

Hope this helps and isn’t just in the category of things you haven’t gotten to yet.


yes, To-do’s on Bear are useful, clear and simple.

Hey Again!

Todos are tecnically (from GFM specs) a list, so it’s correct that the first part is rendered a list, BUT don’t let that scare you, just keep writing :smiley:

Here a small video demonstrating that you can indeed write checkboxes with the keyboard

Hope this will help.

OK. Figured it out. I don’t know if this is expected behavior or not, typing the sequence - [ ] only gets rendered as a checkbox if there is a trailing space. Terminated by a newline is renders as * [ ],