Bolded text is too similar to headings

Bolded text in Bear 2 is practically identical to how headings 4-6 look. I’m running into issues with it, trying to fold bolded lines for example, thinking they are headings.



One of the two lines is a level 4 heading, the other is bolded text. There’s no way to tell the difference without going in to edit the line. Could this be improved?

In typography settings you can now choose a different font family for all headings

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I’m aware of that but knowing Bear’s team’s attention to detail, I’m sure they’d like the default options to work well. And I’m not good at mixing and matching fonts to look nice so I prefer to use the default options anyway.

What would you want it to look like? Bigger, smaller? Italicized?

I’m not a designer so no idea. But I would like to be able to tell the difference.

I think this could only be done by either different fonts for headers vs. body or by using different spacing for headers vs. body. Bold, italics, underline, and font size are all options I’ve seen headers utilize to differentiate from text. The issue is that there’s nothing special about any of those options that would prevent a user from essentially replicating a header in a visually indistinguishable way when using body text.

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The easiest what comes to my mind are different colours for heading and bolded text provided by the theme

Yes, and I think heading 4–6 should use a bigger font to differentiate from body text.

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