Request: less heavy bold text

Bear currently supports some text adjustments (size, line-height, etc). One pet-peeve I’ve always had is how heavy bold text is in Bear which isn’t adjustable, and looks like it hasn’t changed in Panda.

Headings are rendered in what appears to be Avenir Medium, while bold text is rendered in Avenir Black, the heaviest weight in the family. To me, it makes bold text jump out too much. Would love to see either Avenir Medium or Heavy used instead of Black, or at least some sort of setting to have a bit more control.

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Hi Mikey,

the bold font used depends on the typeface used, the default typeface for the editor is Avenir Next and the font-variant for the bold is Avenir Next Bold.

While it’s a bit heavy, we’re letting the typeface define which bold font to use, as it would be a silly effort to hand-code it for every font in existence :slight_smile:

Hope this make sense!


You can adjust the boldness of text in Panda with the instructions on this post: How I set up Panda for writing: text size, version history