Theme Request: Color option for bold text

Hey everyone

I love Bear! :slight_smile:

Since I heavily rely on the Second Brain framework by Tiago Forte (especially PARA and CODE methods) as a note taking system, I extensively use the bolding and highlighting functions to distill my notes.

Since I switched over from Obsidian to Bear I struggle with Bear not being able to display bolded text in a different color. Therefore it doesn’t visually stand out as much as I would like and it’s often hard to even recognize which parts of my notes have been bolded. It would be awesome if there was an option (or just a single theme!) that would allow displaying bolded text in a different color, so it would stand out more from regular text in a similar way highlighted text does.

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Highlighting in different colours will come sooner or later. I don‘t understand what you mean with Color option for bold. Do you want choose between different colors for bolded text or do you just want that the themes don‘t use black for bolded text but another colour that matches the theme?

The bear team is working on bringing different color highlights into bear notes using hex color values.

I mean that I would like to have a theme option to give bold Text a different color from normal text. Just the same as in some themes all the titles have a different color.

That will definitely help with part of my problem! So then I could use different highlighting colors to visually highlight different states of distillation (and importance). For it to fully work for me highlighting would need to be recursive though, so i could highlight some text within already highlighted text as it’s possible to highlight text within a bolded text.

Let me try to make an example of what I mean:

This is an example note. This is the rather important part of this example note so I’m going to bold this, including this ==REALLY IMPORTANT== part.