Colored highlights and text

I’m liking the panda editor. I use Bear as a note taking app. Would be great if we can change the color of the highlights. Changing the color of text would also be great! Improves readability (especially for work notes) greatly.


Sorry to resurrect a 2 year old topic, but it’s very relevant to me. I’d love to be able to change the highlight color. I like a traditional soft yellow like in Evernote, Notion or Logseq.


Yes, multicolor highlights using markdown would be nice - even if there were just a few colors. Example:

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 07.23.58


Triple asterisks can’t work, that means bold and italics at the same time. Generally speaking asterisks won’t work because that code is already in use is general Markdown.

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That was just meant to be an example - not a literal directive of which specific characters to use to achieve multicolor highlights.

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I would not need a feature to have multiple colours for highlighting and fonts but i can see why some users desire that.

I just see one big problem in regard to themes: How should the colours be defined? For each theme an own set matching the rest of the theme somehow if possible at all? Or a fix set that definitely would not fit to each theme?

I have no clue how markdown could select the color. I think that requires other means

Multicolor highlighting could be part of a particular theme using specific syntax as implemented in other apps like Obsidian’s Sanctum theme.

There are many use cases for color-coded highlighting. Given the proposed custom theme functionality, there may be some room for this feature.

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It would be fine with me if color was not designated in syntax but was a UI selection on tap/right click that defaults to a base theme color and allows you to select other colors that are hue variants of that color (let’s say 5 different options total)

For example if the base theme color for highlights was a semi-transparent shade of blue, we would shift the H value (HSB) enough to get the following variant color options to apply – while also being coordinated with the original color for design niceness :wink:

  • Blue (Original)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow/Orange (might differ by theme)
  • Purple

Hope this helps.

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I just wanted to bump this idea. For such a beautiful app, I’m shocked that you can’t change the highlight color. I use different colors for different levels of importance when skimming text.