Text color/highlighting

I’d kindly like to request a feature that is very hight on my list - text colors/highlighting, even few would help immensely (even if it is for local representation only).
Would appreciate a possibly of any option - opt-in only, a way to implement it myself as a plugin, etc.

Loving everything else, like it day one! Keep up the good work!

I too would love to be able to change the text font color. I don’t believe it is possible in the Markdown language; therefore, I’m not sure the team will be able to deliver on this as they are committed to adhering to standards, rightly so.

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Regarding the above topic, yes, there may be Markdown limitations. I’ll have to pass this on and double check with the development team what their stance is on this!

i tottaly agree. This is a basic and needed feature for me either…and i ask them too to implement it.