Quick feedback on 2.0


  • I absolutely love the new “icon?” Presented off to the side of the headings
  • Footnotes to external links is awesome, I’ve been using this a lot more in free writing markdown
  • I tested the code block using some bash language and it looks really nice
    • In particular with the syntax highlighting I like the colors used for bash
  • Other than my “preference” IMO the table logic is outstanding, wonderful job!
  • A quick pass on the styling works great
  • I was able to import an image using the photo button along the top
    • both an animated and regular photo worked as expected


  • For the tables I would distinguish between headings and row shading
    • Right now the heading shade is the same color as the alternating row shade
    • Would be a nice touch to have it slightly darker than the alternating rows
    • Not a huge problem, so would definitely see what others say

Thank you for the feedback!

Tables are surely something we’re going to tweak a LOT, this is the first time we have those and we need to explore all the use cases.

Thanks Matteo - well as someone who’s been chomping at the bit for tables I am truly impressed so far. Thanks for sharing progress!