Editor 2.0 Initial Feedback

I went through all the features and here are my initial thoughts. I also found a bug that seems to be related to mixed list (ul and ol) creation, but I’ll post all that in the bug section. Sorry for the wall of text. I wanted to knock this out and get the feedback to y’all asap.

  1. Headlines
    • I really don’t like the new headline icon. Super confusing and takes way more time to parse than H3 or whatever. Also once it gets to H4-H6 there’s no way to know what’s going on. Not a fan at all.
    • I strongly preferred the headline markup/icon being outside the left justification. I think it’s overall a much cleaner way to present the markup.
  2. Lists - UL
    • Same as headlines, I prefer the markup being outside the left justification
    • I LOVE how bullets etc are immediately deleted rather than having to delete spaces and tabs etc. Seems much snappier.
      • Also nice that the bullet just deletes instead of being “converted” to an asterisk first
    • Love
      • The
        • Different
          • Bullets points at different levels!!!
  3. Lists - OL
    1. Same stuff as for UL
    2. Would love to see different styling at various levels like with bullets
      1. I think alphanumeric (1. A. 1. a.) would be best but decimal (1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, etc) would be fine and probably less confusing
  4. Inline styling
    • Nesting is working great
    • Love the new implementation of bold and italic keyboard shortcuts. Works exactly like it should IMO. I hate hitting ⌘B the second time and having the word(s) become unstyled. This drives me batty.
  5. Thank you thank you thank you for embracing CommonMark!
  6. Thanks for improving code blocks. Quickly tested for Swift, js, and py and it looks good. The actual syntax highlighting looks the same, but colors are better as far as I can tell.
  7. Todos
    • Seem to work fine. I rarely use them though.
    • Dragging items is a bit janky. Can only drag to same level. It would be nice to be able to drag level 3 to level 2 or level 1 to level 3, etc
  8. Footnotes
    • Seem to be working fine
    • Would love to see the footnotes included at the bottom too or somewhere more visible
    • I wouldn’t want to do anything with a lot of footnotes using this method
    • At the very least the textbox needs to be bigger. A small single line is fine for URL which 99.999% of the time is gonna be pasted, but footnotes aren’t only pasted citations… and having to type and format the footnote’s text in the editor, then cut and paste into the window wouldn’t work for me personally
  9. Table creation seems fine. I don’t use tables much in M↓ but this is already the best implementation I’ve used as far as I can remember. I’ve generally had to use TextExpander snippets and stuff like that to make it work in the past. With this editor I may start using them more if I’m honest.