Broken URL detection with Japanese characters

v2.0.13 (11992), macOS 13.5.2 (22G91)

URLs in text that contain Japanese characters are not detected properly. Two examples here where the entire correct URLs are:散歩親友

Notice that Bear hasn’t detected the last part of the URL which has Japanese (Kanji) characters:

You are right, and it is by design. It is always a tradeoff on what to count as a link. If the parsing is too generous, we will have links where we don’t want them, and the other way around.

In this case, we don’t include logograms (like Japanese or Chinese characters) to be able to have links without spaces. At least in Chinese, I know it is common to embed links directly in the text without punctuation or spacing: 熊很好. I know little about Japanese, but I assume it is the same.

My knowledge about Eastern language is limited, so if you have ideas on allowing embedding links and having the characters in the URL, I am all ears.

Thanks for the reply. I can work around this limitation by turning the text into a proper link, so it’s not a major problem for me.

I didn’t realise that with Chinese they might not use punctuation or spacing - so I can understand why this is a very difficult problem to solve! Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions to help solve this.

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