Japanese characters in a note title are not boldified in the note list view

Testing version:
What feature did you use:
Note list view

What happened:
Japanese characters are not displayed with bold font. (see image)

What did you expect to happen:
title should be boldified.

Hello and sorry for the late response.
can you please confirm this bug present in the last beta update?

Yes! the font weight problem was resolved.

however, there’s yet another problem in the list title font.
See video. the glyph shape of the title letter “結合” and “写真” change slightly when I edit the note content.
Chinese and Japanese shares many kanji characters but some of them has different glyph.
I found that in Japanese environment, the title is displayed in Chinese glyph when there is some content other than title itself. Bear correctly uses Japanese glyph if the note has only one line (i.e. title) .

Interesting! I tested this on my MacBook and cannot reproduce this new bug on 2.0 (build 11706). (Not the original bug, but the bug where characters are rendered differently depending on the note content.)

I suspect that this has something to do with your preferred languages in the system Language & Region setting. My preferred languages are (in the following order): English, Chinese (Traditional), and finally Japanese. Since I don’t use Chinese (Simplified), I couldn’t replicate the issue you reported. But here are the results for some more thorough tests:

  • Same issue observed
    • English > Chinese (Simplified) > Japanese
  • No issues observed
    • English > Japanese > Chinese (Simplified)
    • English > Chinese (Traditional) > Japanese

So maybe … that if you do have Chinese (Simplified) in your preferred languages and if it has a higher priority than Japanese, this bug would be observed?

I’m also guessing that Bear guesses the language differently when there is more content vs just one line in a note?

But also my understanding is that all these characters might have their own unique Unicode? So maybe this is just the font that Bear guesses to use is changing depending on the note content and your preferred languages setting? My understanding is that most modern fonts for Chinese and Japanese languages all include multiple variants (as distinct characters) of the same character, despite that those variants are rarely used in the language.

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