When used in Japanese, the note list font is in Chinese font

Testing version:
2.03 for macOS

What were you doing:
When used in Japanese, the note list font is in Chinese font

What feature did you use:
Note lists

What happened:
The note list font is in Chinese font

What did you expect to happen:
Displayed in Japanese font (especially Kanji).


I support this too. This may seem trivial to native English speakers, but this is a problem for Japanese users. It is not an aesthetic issue, but a practical one. I would expect the note titles in the sidebar to be displayed in Japanese font, just as Japanese fonts can be used correctly in the notes.


thanks for reporting this issue. We re-reported this to Apple as the issue seems to concern how macOS handles font fallbacks: When a typeface does not include script characters (BearSans and the Japanese script in this case) the system has to pick another typeface for rendering those, considering the initial font characteristics and the device locale (language and region). Here macOS is not picking the correct typeface as on iOS.

We hope Apple fixes this system-wise but if they don’t we’ll consider providing a workaround.


I am Japanese and very troubled by this problem.
I would like to ask you to read the web page that has been prepared to help you understand this issue.

This is a very headache inducing issue.


I will also provide the following information.

On macOS, the first line is the correct Kanji characters as Japanese, and the second line is not correct. On macOS, both lines look like the same font weight, but on iOS they look different. That point also seems a little strange.

Bear 2.1.8 (12574) on macOS 14.4.1 (23E224)
Bear 2.1.8 (12568) on iOS 17.4.1 (21E236)

The next beta update (2.1.9) will include a fix for this issue. The fix is a workaround for the macOS font fallback and seems to work in our tests, but I’d like to know if this is the case for you too. The beta will be available later today or tomorrow.