Request: text font = interface font (left sidebar)

Hi all!

As the title already says, when we will be able to choose the font for text in a future release it makes sense for aesthetical reasons that the text in left sidebar is also using that font


I support this too. Would be logical for the iOS app to work the same way.

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Yes this would look great and cohesive. And the note preview font changes too depending on your font choice, so this would be just a cherry on top.

Now that the font selection has arrived, i want to remember the request above.

Is that an option? No, the text font and interface font is identical. Is that a must-have? Not at all! It’s just for aesthetics. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the ui in any way i would love to see that cherry on the top


I’d also very much appreciate it if the custom font was also used on the rest of the Bear UI.


Has there been any comment on this from the Bear team? I’d love to be able to set the font of the notes list and tags for some more consistency.


Changing the whole UI typeface to a custom font picked but the user can break Bear pretty badly. If we find a way to overcome this problem we’ll eventually work on it.