Allow font customization of the UI

It’s fantastic to have support for custom fonts in the editor itself, but Bear Sans is quite opinionated in my eyes which really makes Bear look clunky when using a more neutral font in the editor like SF. Ideally, I’d like to change every piece of type in the app including the UI to be a single custom font.


Hello Gavin. Nice to see you here, love your work on obsidian themes.

I wonder how many obsidian refugees there are?

B1.0 used to change the note list font to the custom font you picked for the editor, which made it already a lot more cohesive.

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It is, but I’d extend that statement to the whole app :smiley:

I agree that would be nice, but as for now, we don’t really have plans for that. It’s a huge undertaking and we have so much on our plate.

Thank you for the feedback, Bear won’t be the app it is without you folks!


Even just the note list font would be a large improvement.

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Wanted to chime in and say applying the custom font in the note list would be a great middle ground!

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