System Font for main app UI

I’ve been thinking about why I lean towards other apps instead of Bear, and I realized a big part of it is that Bear doesn’t quite feel like a native Mac app because of the font that is used. I’m not talking about the font that is used for the notes themselves (which can already be changed in the settings), but the one that is used for the main UI (the sidebar and the notes list). I would prefer that to just be the system font.

It would be great to have a little toggle or dropdown option to switch to the default Mac system font for the UI. What do you all think?


I agree, would be nice if it matched macOS.

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huge +1 here. people able to choose whatever installed font you have is great for notes, but it makes for a really visually disjointed appearance when the sidebar and notes list doesn’t match

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:heavy_plus_sign: def agree with you