Add system font as an option

I’d love if there was an easy way of using the system font San Francisco with its various weights in the new editor settings.

Btw I love the new editor settings; having the ability to select different font for headings, body, and code is really nice.

Also, is paragraph spacing still planned feature? And will iOS be able to use all installed fonts, even those installed via profiles?


Seconding this request. Loving the new settings! It would be great if the San Francisco fonts were available on iOS/iPad OS without having to install a font profile.

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+1 system font option all across the app.

One of the beautiful things about Bear 1 was how seamless it fit into an Apple device and feels like a built in app. For me part of this “feel” is achieved by keeping the fonts the same as you move around apps.


Thanks for the support, and I’d like to just add that although I can add SF Pro Text and SF Pro Display as custom fonts, it’s not the same as having access to the properly-tracked system font.

Use ‘SF Pro Text’ or ‘SF Pro Display’ in Bear and it just looks off as iOS/macOS use variable fonts with dedicated tracking values based on font size, and custom fonts don’t have that “ability.” If I put SF Pro Text as body font, its letter-spacing looks way too wide imo.


I noticed the same problem of letter spacing when using SF Pro Display or SF Pro Text installed via profile.

On the Mac, there’s a bundled SF Pro (variable font) that looks closer to how the system font looks in other places. Unfortunately the bundled version can’t be installed on the iOS/iPadOS. It seems like iOS doesn’t support variable fonts.

(I had a similar post.)

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@matteo is this something we could consider? Thanks!

+1 for this. Now with more font options in Bear 2, San Francisco is no longer an option, but Bear 1 allowed San Francisco as a font option.

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After all this time, pretty please :pray:

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Adding my +1 for this. Would love SF as an option and SF Mono too for code.

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