Notes list is in German

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11360

What were you doing: Launching the new Bear version

What feature did you use: None. I have my system language set to English (UK), location same and keyboard US.

What happened: The list with “Notes”, “Tags”, etc only shows up in… German.

What did you expect to happen: It to shows up in English, of course. I could understand Italian, but German??? :slight_smile: :rofl:

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That’s funny. Mine are coming up in Spanish. I do speak Spanish but it’s not one of my settings on my computer as my main language is English. All of the other menus and stuff is normal.

Same here - - German for Notes list on Mac. Still English on iOS and iPadOS.

Grateful it didn’t convert the Tags.

Nothing major but yeah I was like “oh, notes is Notizen now” on Mac. It didn’t affect my workflow. It did make me want to visit a biergarten in the near future.

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On 11360. My note list (and only that) is now suddenly in Traditional Chinese. :rofl:

I think this might be related to Bear trying to “guess” the system language setting. I always have Traditional Chinese enabled in my language preference, although English has been set to primary.

Yes, this is kind of a funny random bug. Apparently, some macOS releases don’t default on the development localization (English). Luckily, this seems to be an easy fix and we’ll try to ship it today.