Bear is giving weird rendering on my M1 MAX

Testing version:
Version 2.1.2 (12452)

What were you doing:
Randomly I am getting this on my mac when trying to switch between notes and sidebar

What feature did you use:
Just plain switch with mouse clicking

What happened:
Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 3.53.31 AM

What did you expect to happen:

Siddu Hussain V

Ok This started showing up all of a sudden #bear/welcome content
I have deleted this already and deleted permanatly too


this sounds like a rendering glitch not concerning Bear directly but macOS. Are you using Bear’s default font? Is your Mac set with multiple language support?

Hi Trix ,

Yes I am using Bear San, I am not sure my Mac is set for multiple language support

Following this I had 2 issues

  1. Welcome notes and bear tag got restored out of no where . I have deleted them as part of my clean up months back
  2. My theme was getting reset to default one after change —> this looks like not happening now


You can check in macOS settings app > General > Language and Region.

The 2 issues sound odd, has something happened system-wise before these events? (update, time machine restore, …)
Are you using the pro features (Bear Pro)?

Hi Danilo,

No System-wide events are triggered.
yes I am a Pro user

Please find my language support settings

Here is another instance today, this happened in Bear app only

Siddu Hussain

I see graphical glitches similar to this last one on a very regular basis. For instance, after I saw it in the forum this evening, here’s a partial screenshot of mine.

I’m running Bear 2.1.4 (12484). I’m a Pro user. English is the only language in use on my device.

The current version of Bear is 2.1.6. You should update and see if that resolves your issue…

The current verison in the app store is still 2.1.4. :man_shrugging:

I do hope 2.1.6 resolves the issue, but the release notes I’ve seen don’t give me confidence it will.

That’s odd, because the App Store in the U.S. shows 2.1.6. See attached screenshot:

I’m glad you pointed it out. I did check for updates in the app store, both before my initial screenshot post and before my reply to you. I didn’t look at the version listed at the right of the app store, but both times I just had an “Open” button and not an “Update” one.

However, I checked it a third time now and I do see 2.1.6 and can update it. Hopefully that will help.

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Yup, my particular issue seems to have been fixed in between 2.1.4 and 2.1.6. Or at least I haven’t seen it this week. It was intermittent, but I was seeing it more than once a day before, and I haven’t seen it since the update.


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